6 Jun 2014

NZ victim of wire tapping - Vodafone

5:11 pm on 6 June 2014

One of the world's largest telecommunications companies is about to reveal information on wire tapping by state agencies in 29 countries around the world, including New Zealand.

Vodafone is expected to reveal secret wires that allow state agencies to legally listen in to conversations on its networks.

Details of the Vodafone announcement have been unveiled in advance by London's Guardian newspaper. They reveal 34 instances of what is called national content being intercepted on Vodafone networks in New Zealand.

The newspaper does not give details of what this involves, and the number of intercerpts in New Zealand is miniscule compared with huge numbers in a range of European countries.

The Vodafone list also excludes any instances of metadata surveillance. But the Guardian suggests each intercept could cover a number of different people.

This could not be confirmed from Vodafone, which is not commenting ahead of the official release of its document, expected on Friday night.

The release of this information follows controversy over alleged mass surveillance stemming from leaked documents in the United States.