5 Jun 2014

All Blacks urged to drop alcohol dollar

1:34 pm on 5 June 2014

The head of the National Addiction Centre says the All Blacks should get rid of alcohol sponsorship after a call by a group of community leaders to phase out such activities.

A group of 37 community leaders, including chief medical officers and university professors, has called on the next Government to phase out alcohol advertising and sponsorship.

They also want the tax on alcohol increased, and a minimum unit price for alcohol.

Spokesperson Geoff Robinson said the evidence suggested those actions would reduce the violence, abuse, illness and addiction caused by the way people drink.

National Addiction Centre director Doug Sellman said the All Blacks see the writing on the wall regarding alcohol sponsorship.

He said they don't get all their funding from alcohol companies, and are gradually taking on new sponsors.

Mr Sellman said cricket made the same move decades ago in regard to cigarette sponsorship.