28 May 2014

Feuding families ordered out of court

6:21 pm on 28 May 2014

Feuding families have been ordered out of Waitakere District Court after bringing a noisy halt to a hearing over a fatal shooting.

Allen George Lum, 41, and Trae Lorenz Lum, 18, were appearing after a man was shot and killed in Ranui in west Auckland last week and another was critically wounded.

Joshua Wayne Roach, 23, died in the shooting.

The accused father and son pleaded not guilty to possessing an unlawful weapon.

As Allen Lum was appearing, someone yelled at him. He spoke back to them, and then family from both sides joined in.

Judge John Bergseng ordered the public - including the families - out of court but some were reluctant to leave, saying it was their right to be there.

He continued the hearing without the public and remanded both men - Allen Lum in custody and Trae Lum on bail - until 5 August.