22 May 2014

No affordable housing on North Shore

10:50 am on 22 May 2014

An Auckland pensioner says she was left homeless and dependent on the hospitality of friends because she couldn't find affordable housing on the North Shore.

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The woman, 76, who doesn't want to be named, had to leave her home when her landlord wanted to sell up.

She tried for months to find an affordable, and age-friendly place, but Housing New Zealand, Auckland Council, and even the Salvation Army had nothing available.

She stayed with a friend before finding a place in a home built by a Bays Community Housing Trust.

The Community Refuge Trust said the woman is one of many people struggling to find an affordable home on the North Shore, and the situation won't improve unless more land is made available to build smaller houses.

Chief Executive Peter Jeffries said land use must be allowed to change so that people can intensify and build smaller, affordable homes on their properties.

He said the sector is struggling to meet needs, and with a funding cut from the Government in this month's budget, some groups may have to cut staff.