15 May 2014

$1m in fines for cell use while driving

1:52 pm on 15 May 2014

The police handed out $1 million of fines for using a cellphone while driving in the 2012-13 year, figures released to Radio New Zealand show.

It has been illegal for drivers to text or talk on their mobiles since 2009, and doing so attracts an $80 fine and 20 demerit points.

The figures show 12,546 fines were handed out in the 2012-2013 financial year, up 10 percent on the previous year.

The police said their focus was not on imposing fines but on stopping motorists posing a risk to other road users.

They said all fine money went the Government's consolidated fund, and not to the police.

The police have netted a total of $2.62 million since the ban was introduced.