9 May 2014

Hamilton holds back on fluoride

12:02 pm on 9 May 2014

Hamilton City Council has delayed reintroducing fluoride into its water supply until a court hearing on the issue.

Last year the council stopped fluoridation, but after a public referendum in favour of it, the council voted to bring it back.

It was intending to reintroduce it on 19 May, but has now decided to wait pending a court challenge two days later.

Anti-fluoride lobby group Safe Water Alternative New Zealand is seeking a judicial review of the council's decision but, in the meantime, wants the council barred from bringing fluoride back.

It's seeking an interim order before a full hearing can be held in the High Court at a later date.

The council intends to defend its decision at the judicial review and has set aside $50,000 to meet the cost.