7 May 2014

Shot tourist's dad struggles with death

9:49 am on 7 May 2014

The father of the New Zealander killed in Argentina last week says he's had a tough time dealing with his son's death.

Nicholas Heyward was shot dead during an attempted robbery in the city of Mendoza.

Nicholas Heyward.

Nicholas Heyward. Photo: FACEBOOK

His father, Ben Heyward, said his son's body will be taken to Buenos Aires, and should arrive back in Adelaide, where the family lives, this week.

He said his family and friends have been rallying together, but he's had a tough time since a journalist first broke the news to him last week.

"I very quickly realised something was wrong, and then the journalist realised I didn't know and he backed off," Mr Heyward said.

"It was the New Zealand High Commission in Canberra who said to me that something had happened, but they couldn't confirm anything until Interpol spoke to us. For hours, it didn't hit me, it was something I knew in my head, but did not want to believe in my heart."

Mr Heyward said he had to wait hours for confirmation of what had happened to his son.

Nicholas Heyward's funeral will be held on Monday in Adelaide.