5 May 2014

Crown wants armed robber re-sentenced

10:01 am on 5 May 2014

The Crown says a robber who held up the Auckland Art Gallery at gunpoint for a $2 million French painting should be re-sentenced.

Ricardo Romanov was sentenced to 13 years and nine months in prison for aggravated robbery in 1999.

Another sentence of three years was imposed for stealing motorbikes, and in 2006 Romanov had a third

sentence of three years for escaping from prison that year.

The last sentence was subsequently reduced by two years on appeal.

But the Crown is now arguing the appeal judge made an error, in not taking into account the three years Romanov was serving for stealing motorbikes.

Effectively, the Crown says, the new sentence meant Romanov got no punishment for escaping prison, and it's calling for him to be re-sentenced.