3 May 2014

Park protest after shooting of NZer

5:54 pm on 3 May 2014

A protest against crime is planned for Sunday at the park in the Argentinian city of Mendoza, where an Australian-based New Zealand tourist was shot and killed by motorcycle bandits on Tuesday.

And the provincial governor in Mendoza, wants to outlaw the practice of two people riding on motorcycles through the city's parks.

Argentina, where thieves are known as "chorros" has a problem in many cities with "motochorros", muggers who travel in pairs on a motorbike, with one steering and the other snatiching bags or wallets.

Some cities, such as Buenos Aires, require motorcyclists to wear high-visibility jackets with identification in large letters, and ban bikes with two riders from busy areas of the city.

Nicholas Heyward.

Nicholas Heyward. Photo: FACEBOOK

Nicholas Heyward, 31, who was based in Australia, was walking in a park on Monday when thieves on a motorbike tried to grab his bag and shot him when he resisted.

The provincial governor announced he will push a bill through parliament which will prohibit more than one person travelling on a motorbike at a time.

A group of motorcyclists protested the move outside Congress where the plan to change the law was announced.

A reporter in Buenos Aires, Declan McGarvey, said a suspect in the shooting had been released from custody after witnesses could not identify him in a police line-up, and feelings are running high in the city.