6 Apr 2014

Legal high protests around the country

6:21 am on 6 April 2014

Protests have been held across the country on Saturday calling for synthetic cannabis to be banned.

An organiser said protests took place in 22 locations, with about 100 people turning out in Tokoroa and Hamilton and about 30 in Christchurch.

One of the Christchurch organisers, Jamie Barker, said many people think synthetic cannabis products must be safe because they are legal. He said the legal highs are doing huge damage to the community.

A Christchurch protester said he is sick of seeing young people begging for money to buy the products. A woman at the rally said she wanted synthetic cannabis products banned because she has seen the awful effects they have had on her son.

Mr Barker said a petition calling for the products to be banned should be ready to be presented to the Government next month.