7 Mar 2014

Compensation documents to stay secret

5:00 pm on 7 March 2014

New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra has won the right to keep documents about a compensation case against it out of the public eye.

French company Danone is suing it for losses it says were caused when potentially contaminated Fonterra milk powder was used in its products.

Radio New Zealand, along with the Bloomberg news agency and the Wall Street Journal, asked the High Court in Auckland to see Danone's statement of claim.

Fonterra opposed the applications, arguing that as it was the only document before the court, reporting could be biased.

In court on Wednesday, it was revealed that the dairy cooperative is also seeking a stay in the case while the matter goes through arbitration in Singapore.

Justice Brown has sided with Fonterra, saying the applications can be re-evaluated after a decision has been made to stay the case or not.