18 Feb 2014

DNA tests results in longer jail term

11:45 am on 18 February 2014

A man who's already serving a lengthy prison term has had more jail time added for a sex attack on a prostitute, which was picked up only because of advances in DNA testing.

At the High Court in Auckland on Tuesday morning, the judge told Sumit Narayan he is a dangerous man and would be ordered to serve preventive detention if the law allowed.

Instead, the judge could add only a further seven years to his prison term.

Narayan is in jail for another sex attack and aggravated robbery in 2000.

He was originally given a sentence of preventive detention for the attack, but the term was cut to 15 years after an appeal.

At Tuesday's sentencing, the court heard Narayan was 19 when he sexually violated a prostitute and robbed her client in Auckland in 1997.

Justice Brewer told Narayan he was still classed as being at high risk of offending again and must serve at least four years of his new jail term.