16 Jan 2014

NZ ranked among worst for obesity

10:33 pm on 16 January 2014

Aid agency Oxfam says New Zealand ranks in the worst third of countries for obesity. It has released its first food study, including the quality of what's eaten, which gives a snapshot of 125 nations.

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Oxfam scored all of the countries in four areas, including whether its population has enough to eat, food affordability, the quality of food and the degree of unhealthy eating.

Spokesperson Jason Garman says while New Zealand has good quality and a plentiful supply of food, affordability could be better.

Mr Garman says in terms of obesity, New Zealand is the 14th worse - but doing better than countries such as the United States and South Africa.

A spokesperson for the group Fight the Obesity Epidemic, Robyn Toomath, believes a lack of access to affordable food is a factor.