14 Jan 2014

Greens take anti-drill campaign on road

6:02 am on 14 January 2014

The Green Party is travelling to beaches throughout New Zealand to stir up support to shut down deep sea oil drilling.

Gareth Hughes.

Gareth Hughes. Photo: GREEN PARTY

Texas company Anadarko is drilling exploratory oil wells off the coast of Taranaki, and is due to follow suit in the Canterbury Basin, off Otago, in early February.

Energy spokesperson Gareth Hughes is collecting photographs with people in front of a large placard reading 'Anadarko - Wish You Weren't Here'. He plans to then deliver the pictures to the Government.

"I hope the Government will listen - I'm not holding my breath for it. They've demonstrated over and over again that they're not going to see the light.

"The people of New Zealand are concerned about the environment, but ultimately, it might be a change of government's the way we're gonna stop risky deep sea oil drilling."

Mr Hughes was at Oriental Parade in Wellington on Monday and will head to Piha Beach in Auckland on Friday.