1 Jan 2014

Arctic activist says he might do it again

9:03 pm on 1 January 2014

A New Zealand activist locked up in Russia after an Arctic oil drilling protest says he would consider going back to do the same thing again.

Jon Beauchamp was among the 30 people, including fellow New Zealander David Haussmann, arrested during a Greenpeace protest in September last year against oil drilling by Russia in the Arctic.

Mr Beauchamp said it was a nightmare when Russian commandos rappelled down from helicopters, seized the Greenpeace protest ship and took the protesters to detention in Murmansk.

Even so, he said he would consider doing it again.

Mr Beauchamp said the detention centre the group was put into was cold, the bunks were small and the food was bad, and he feared he might be in Russia for a year or two.