23 Oct 2013

Letter boxes gathered for red zone art

9:08 am on 23 October 2013

A Christchurch community group is collecting letter boxes from red zoned properties and wants to turn them into large sculptures that commemorate the earthquake ravaged communities they come from.

The Avon-Otakaro Network has a deal with the Government that allows it to salvage the letter boxes before demolition crews arrive.

Network spokesperson Evan Smith says he has about 200 letter boxes in his backyard and wants more than 1000 to create ten sculptures representing earthquake hit communities.

"Every letter box represents a household that's got its own story to tell," he says.

Mr Smith says a local artist will work with each community to design their unique sculpture.

He says eventually they will be placed along the banks of the lower Avon River, which runs through the badly damaged east of Christchurch.

Another local project, Whole House Reuse, aims to do just that - reuse the materials from an entire red zoned house to create dozens of works across disciplines like art, design, craft and architecture.

Project manager Kate McIntyre says nothing will be wasted, from light switches and cables to toilets and roofing iron.

A New Brighton home has already been salvaged and an exhibition showing off the creations will be held in the middle of next year.