30 Sep 2013

Election booklet errors reported

3:40 pm on 30 September 2013

A Wellington law firm says it is receiving reports of mistakes in local body election booklets from voters as far away as London.

Franks & Ogilvie has a client who is offering rewards of up to $1500 to people finding the highest number of booklets containing errors.

Solicitor Jordan Williams said the firm received about a dozen emails and phone messages reporting mistakes over the weekend.

The most concerning example was from someone in London, who was sent an Auckland booklet that appeared to be missing 18 pages.

He said the firm has also had reports that some booklets in the Waikato district have left out candidates or listed them as standing in the wrong ward.

Local Government New Zealand president Lawrence Yule says errors do happen from time to time.

He says the important thing is that if an entire booklet has mistakes, returning officers need to issue corrections.

And he says if individual booklets are wrong because of a printing error, such as pages missing, people need to contact the returning officer and they will be given a proper booklet.

Hastings fluoride papers missing

Meanwhile, hundreds of voting papers for a referendum on fluoride have had to be sent to voters in the Hastings district after they were omitted from local body voting packs.

Last week, the Auckland Council admitted mistakes had been made in the printing of some of its material.

A Wellington law firm is now offering a reward for the person who finds the highest number of election booklets with mistakes.

Lawrence Yule who is the mayor of Hastings, says the council discovered the mistake on Friday.

He says it was an issue with the way data had been set up in the computer system, as opposed to a mistake by the returning officer.