11 Sep 2013

Meeting over council sign saga

9:33 am on 11 September 2013

A Whangarei businesswoman is challenging the district council about a bill of $2000 for paperwork relating to her advertising sign.

Shelley Anderson of Sanderson Realty has taken down her sign on Ngunguru Road after trying for three years to get approval for it.

She says it had been in place for five years before the council decided it needed resource consent.

Ms Anderson says at various times different council staff told her to move it, leave it in place, change the colour, make it smaller and even told her it was a traffic hazard.

She says there does not seem to be the same problem with council election billboards at bends and intersections.

"It feels to me that they think they're the gods of this town and everybody is scared of them. It's one rule for one and one for another," she says.

Ms Anderson is taking her grievance to a hearing by Whangarei councillors on Wednesday afternoon.