29 Aug 2013

Morning Report: local papers

7:05 am on 29 August 2013

Thursday's headlines: Questions over how botulism testing failed on such an "epic scale"; Afghan interpreters finding it hard to get work; Dunedin firm employing about 16 extra staff to make rope for Team New Zealand's America's Cup campaign.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald leads with the headline, "Double Murder suspect a broken man". The paper reports the man who killed himself in Woodhill Forrest as police searched for him, had told friends his life was falling apart.

The paper dedicates a two page spread to the "Botulism Botch-up". It says the false alarm over Fonterra's botulism scare is a relief, but now raises questions over how testing failed on such an "epic scale".

Waikato Times

The Waikato Times has the story of an Afghan interpreter who re-settled in New Zealand but is struggling to find a job because he isn't "local enough". Of the 19 Afghan interpreters who moved to New Zealand, the paper reports only 11 have been able to find work.

Farmers are breathing a sigh of relief after tests revealed the Fonterra botulism scare was a false alarm.

The Dominion Post

The Dominion Post continues its coverage of health care rationing with stories from patients who say they've received poor care at hospitals across the country. The paper reports a professor of nursing says the situation is likely to get worse as older nurses retire and there are not enough new nurses to replace them.

The paper also has bad news for commuters in Wellington who face possible delays on Thursday morning because 18 buses have been taken off the road.

The Press

The Press reports that furious red-zone residents say a quick fire apology by the Prime Minister over comments he made about the Government walking away was too little too late. Residents were appalled by John Key's lack of compassion for their situation, but say the apology was the right thing to do.

The front page also has a picture of the remains of a Kaiapoi villa that was razed in a suspicious fire. The paper says the fire is in the latest in a spate of suspected arsons across Canterbury.


The Otago Daily Times leads with news that a Dunedin manufacturing firm is bucking the trend and employing about 16 extra staff to make rope for Team New Zealand's America's Cup campaign. If New Zealand wins the cup, it would probably provide another boost for the company.

Four men will appear in court in Queenstown after police raids found six black rock scorpions that were smuggled into the country.