20 Aug 2013

Morning Report: local papers

7:08 am on 20 August 2013

Tuesday's headlines: Legal experts and opposition politicians against the GCSB legislation; Bromley boy was attacked by two rottweilers on Saturday; boy now in Starship hospital after losing an arm in a bus crash in Fiji.

NZ Herald

'Revealed: rugby's $64m injury bill' is the headline in The New Zealand Herald.

ACC figures show almost 59,000 new rugby related claims were lodged in the past year. But sports leaders say they're making good inroads into reducing spinal and other serious incidents.

In other news: a capacity crowd filled Auckland town hall on Monday night to hear legal experts and opposition politicians speak out against the GCSB legislation.

Waikato Times

The Waikato Times leads with the latest dairy contamination alert in China which involves Tatua Dairy Co-operative. The paper says the company bought some lactoferrin product from Westland Milk Products which was found to contain elevated levels of a cleaning fluid.

And the paper has the story of missing teenager Abbey Gibson, 15, who has not been seen at her Waihou home since Sunday night.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post reports that a deal provided by the NZ Transport Agency could see Wellington City Council lend its support to the Basin Reserve flyover. It says the deal means the council could get new bus lanes and more landscaping in the area, in return for its support of the $90 million project.

In other news: the paper has the story of Newtown rugby player Sai Hope Daunibau, aged eight, who lost his arm in a bus crash in Fiji, and is now in Starship hospital.

The Press

The Press has more on the latest tainted milk powder exported to China. Batches of the powder processed by Westland Milk Products contained higher than acceptable nitrate levels from a cleaning fluid. The paper says the company is investigating how the cleaner was not flushed from its Hokitika processing plant.

And a Bromley schoolboy was attacked by two rottweilers on Saturday as his older sister watched in horror. It says Mason Spark, aged eight, received serious scalp, face and leg injuries.


The Otago Daily Times leads with the news that the region has recorded the second-highest loss of public service jobs in the past five years. Figures released to the paper show over that time 250 jobs were lost in Otago and a further 112 in Southland.

In other news: Prime Minister John Key is downplaying concerns a new scare over tainted dairy products exported to China, will further sour New Zealand's reputation.