18 Aug 2013

Assurance no Christchurch ratepayer has been overcharged: Tremain

5:58 pm on 18 August 2013

The Local Government Minister says he's been assured by the Christchurch City Council that no ratepayer has been overcharged, because of a faulty rates resolution.

Since 2004 the council's rates resolution has not included the right wording around due dates and penalty payments, making it potentially open to legal challenge.

But the minister Chris Tremain says he's been told that has not resulted in people being undercharged or overcharged for their rates.

Mr Tremain says despite the problems with the wording of the resolution, peoples' rates bills contained the correct information about due dates and late penalties.

Chris Tremain says there may have to be a change to the Ratings Act, to correct the faulty resolution the council has been passing.