15 Aug 2013

Decision reserved on calling witnesses in Banks's case

8:35 pm on 15 August 2013

ACT leader John Banks will have to wait to find out whether internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom will testify against him as he defends allegations of electoral fraud.

The retired Wellington accountant who's pursuing the case says Mr Banks knew Mr Dotcom and SkyCity made donations to his 2010 Auckland mayoral campaign but still allowed them to be recorded as anonymous on electoral forms.

Graham McCready argued on Thursday he needed to hear evidence from Mr Dotcom, SkyCity, the police and the Auckland electoral officer in order to argue the case at trial.

Mr Banks's lawyer, David Jones QC, opposed that, saying it is not appropriate to call people to court to give evidence, when all Mr McCready wants is information to which he has not been allowed access.

Mr Banks, the MP for Epsom, pleaded not guilty at an earlier hearing; his lawyer says the case is fundamentally flawed.

The judge reserved his decision.