5 Aug 2013

Coroner wants changes to diving courses

3:08 pm on 5 August 2013

A coroner wants some basic changes to diving instruction courses after the deaths of two men on a dive in Auckland's Lake Pupuke.

The bodies of Tyron North and Daniel Stoneham were recovered from the water in July 2011.

The coroner says the men's decision to descend at a rate faster than their instructor contributed to their deaths, which he's ruled were accidental.

He wants all diving courses to emphasise the need to carry appropriate equipment on all dives, including a dive knife, light source and timing device.

And the coroner says the instructor of the course, who was not charged, contributed to the deaths by failing to check things such as whether the pair were properly equipped.

The coroner's report notes the dive company involved has made some changes to its practices.