1 Aug 2013

Far North council cuts some recycling

10:14 pm on 1 August 2013

The Far North Council has been forced to stop collecting some plastics for recycling because China will no longer accept them.

The Chinese government adopted a 'Green Fence' policy earlier this year to reduce rubbish entering the country in shipments of recyclable material.

The council's communications manager, Richard Edmondson, says plastics numbered 3 to 7 which are mostly small food containers, will now have to go to the landfill.

Mr Edmondson says those grades make up about a third of the 280 tonnes of plastics the council collects each year for recycling.

He says it's the first time the council has had to cut back on recycling because of market issues.

Mr Edmondson says people can still make sure that small yoghurt tubs and other containers are re-used by donating them to a school or kindergarten.