2 Aug 2013

Sky TV finds way to show English premier league matches

12:44 pm on 2 August 2013

Sky Television has found a way to broadcast some of some of England's top league games this season, despite losing the live and on demand rights to an online media company.

Coliseum Sports Media outbid Sky Television in June for the broadcast and online rights to all English Premier League matches for the next three seasons, and was beginning to show the matches live from this month.

Sky TV says it has now confirmed deals with four individual Premier League clubs to show delayed coverage of games.

Fans of Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and a yet to be named side will be able to watch their teams on Sky TV a day after the game is played.

Sky TV director of sport Richard Last says customers weren't happy at the prospect of paying two different firms for their sport, and the company has tried to satisfy the demand as best it can.

Coliseum Sports Media chief executive Tim Martin insists the two companies will offer different products and says he is not worried that Sky TV's deal may cut out some of his company's customer base.

"We own the live and on demand games for every match of the season. The clubs also sell their own club channels which is really standard in sport. The club channels have a very delayed operation. They're only allowed to show those club games, so it's a very different proposition to what we have."