31 Jul 2013

Man who kidnapped woman on trial for rape

8:54 pm on 31 July 2013

An Auckland woman who was kidnapped and allegedly raped has told a High Court jury that she feared for her life.

John Martin, 20, has pleaded guilty to her kidnapping, but denies a charge of rape.

The woman was taken from Auckland to Hamilton in April 2012 where she was bound and gagged and locked in a shed.

The trial began in the High Court in Hamilton on Wednesday.

The Crown says that John Martin and three others were paid to kidnap the woman because she owed a man in Auckland money. It says Mr Martin went into the shed and raped her.

The woman says she was so tied up, she could hardly move or breathe and wasn't able to resist the attack. She was later able to escape.

The defence says John Martin and the woman were in a relationship and the sex happened before she was kidnapped and it was consensual.

However, the woman told the jury on Wednesday that everything Mr Martin said was all lies.

Three other people are charged with being involved in the kidnap, but their cases have yet to come to court.