31 Jul 2013

Auckland Pasifika councillors oppose Unasa's mayoral bid

3:19 pm on 31 July 2013

Auckland's two Pasifika city councillors say their communities won't fall for a call to reject Len Brown in favour of a Pasifika mayor.

They are supporting Mr Brown against a challenge by the former chair of the city's Pacific advisory panel Uesifili Unasa.

Mr Unasa says Mr Brown has failed the Pasifika communities who voted for him, and the communities can see nothing will change without a change at the top.

But the councillors, Alf Filipaina and Anae Arthur Anae, say that's wrong and Pasifika voters won't fall for it.

Mr Anae says Mr Unasa won't get Pasifika votes just because he's one of their own.

Mr Unasa however says Len Brown himself told this month's advisory panel meeting he hadn't done enough for Pacific communities.

And while he admired Mr Brown's candour he believes Pacific people need a strong alternative to the existing council leadership.