29 Jul 2013

Morning Report: local papers

7:14 am on 29 July 2013

Monday's headlines: Hundreds of Waikato children failing to enrol in school; racist rant by taxi driver went viral; Hamilton businesses are expecting a windfall from the Super Rugby final.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald leads with the story of a Southland man whose racist rant at a taxi driver went viral.

He told the paper he now wants to apologise, but admits he still has issues with Muslims and fears 'what we have let past our borders'.

The Greens and Labour want to spend more money subsidising doctors fees for school-age children. Children under six can go to the doctor for free, but those aged six to 17 must pay, with the average fee around $22.

Waikato Times

'City braces for finals fever' is the headline in The Waikato Times. Now the Chiefs have booked themselves a spot in the Super Rugby final, Hamilton businesses are expecting a windfall.

In other news: the paper says hundreds of Waikato children are disappearing from the education system after failing to enrol in school.

Dominion Post

Top story in The Dominion Post is Labour's plans to bar non-residents, other than Australians, from buying existing houses in New Zealand.

Labour leader David Shearer said the move would be part of a package of measures which would include a capital gains tax and a plan to build and sell 10,000 houses per year.

The paper has a picture of St Mary's of the Angels church in central Wellington, which is expected to be closed for 18 months, while quake strengthening work is carried out.

The Press

The Press leads with details of a Christchurch City Council report which says a draft policy limiting the opening hours of bars, would reduce the amount of alcohol drunk by as little as 1%.

In other news: the paper says first-term councillor Tim Carter has been given a glowing report card in the paper's pre-election assessment of council politicians.


The Otago Daily Times says Corrections and the police are in the dark about how much money is spent transporting Otago prisoners to and from court. Corrections officials told the paper they were unable to provide an exact cost without substantial research.

In other news: two female boxers are pictured taking part in a charity event in Dunedin on Saturday night. Tina Stevens said she is still buzzing from her win, but cannot remember all of it.