25 Jul 2013

NZ police support for Solomons to contine

7:53 am on 25 July 2013

New Zealand has renewed its commitment to keep police officers in Solomon Islands for the next four years.

This week marks a decade since the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) was deployed in response to five years of unrest that had claimed the lives of 200 people.

A large part of RAMSI's work has been to strengthen the Solomon Islands police force.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says the government is committed to continuing its work with the Solomon Islands police and there will be no rush to shorten the timeframe.

"The police contribution here is about 17 people. They are doing a combination of things but primarily training and I think we wouldn't want to rush that process if that meant that they felt that their police force didn't either have the numbers or hadn't been fully trained to the level that they would want."