1 Jul 2013

Council considers changes to building height plans

9:54 pm on 1 July 2013

Auckland Council is proposing reducing some building height limits in its 30-year-growth blueprint, following months of public feedback.

The council has faced some stiff opposition about the extent of plans in its Unitary Plan for higher density housing.

It proposes shrinking the six-storey Terrace and Apartment zone, stepping-down to four or five storeys for the balance of the zone.

The Mixed Housing Zone, covering nearly half of residential Auckland, would have a smaller area allowing up to three storeys, with the balance reduced to two storeys.

It also suggests removing some increased height limits completely, where they clash with zones protecting views, such as volcanic cones.

The council doesn't believe toning down some of the height limits will affect the city's ability to accommodate a growing population.

The revisions will be debated on Tuesday, which deputy mayor Penny Hulse says won't really affect the overall policy of having up to 70% of future growth within the urban area.