8 Nov 2009

Memorial service for tsunami victims in Auckland

9:54 pm on 8 November 2009

About 400 people attended a national memorial service for those who lost their lives in the South Pacific Tsunami in Auckland on Sunday.

One hundred and eighty three people died in the September disaster, including five New Zealanders.

The service, held at the Auckland Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, was attended by the Governor General, as well as the Samoan and Tongan Prime Ministers.

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key told the congregation while the tsunami's scars on the landscape will soon heal - the scars on people's hearts will take much longer.

Mr Key said those who lost family and friends in the tsunami face the hardest of tasks in grieving for loved ones.

But he said they also face the most important of responsibilities in cherishing their loved ones memories and celebrating their lives.

Mr Key also thanked all the New Zealanders who've helped with the relief effort.