30 Oct 2009

One year until Auckland super-city

1:33 pm on 30 October 2009

Sunday marks one year until the Auckland super-city is formed on 1 November, 2010.

It will be one of the biggest public sector reforms in New Zealand history.

The Auckland Transition Agency is working to merge the eight councils in the region.

Cabinet is expected to release details of the final Auckland Governance Bill next week and it's due to go before Parliament early next year.

Now there are questions about whether it's too much too soon and if the final outcome will remedy Auckland's problems.

Billions of dollars in assets, hundreds of bylaws and nearly 7000 employees will come together to form the super-city.

Transition Agency chairman Mark Ford says the most important thing is making sure Aucklanders can access their usual council services.

In reality, the super-city will be only half built by the time the agency hands it over.

Many decisions about what will happen next will be made by the inaugural mayor and council, and 20 - 30 community boards.

More on this can be heard on Insight on Sunday.