26 Oct 2009

Search bill submissions taken seriously - Borrows

3:33 pm on 26 October 2009

The chairman of the Justice and Electoral select committee is defending the submissions process for a Government search and surveillance bill and says it's not being rushed through.

The committee heard submissions last week on the bill which is based largely on a 2007 Law Commission report.

Auckland Council for Civil Liberties president Barry Wilson said submitters were given only 10 minutes each to make their case, creating the impression the bill was a done deal.

The committee chairman, National Party MP Chester Borrows, insists all submitters are being taken seriously, but says if a submission is the same as one that's already been heard, MPs might have no questions.

Mr Borrows says the committee will put the bill back until next year if necessary.

The legislation would extend powers police currently have to other regulatory agencies.

These include the right to install recording devices and would allow the agencies to film people on their own property for up to three hours without a warrant.