11 Oct 2009

Youthline sounds alarm on bogus fundraising calls

9:48 am on 11 October 2009

Youthline is warning people to be wary of bogus fundraising phone calls.

The organisation has been told of a Wellington woman who was telephoned three times recently by a person claiming to be from a children's charity commission and asking for donations on behalf of Youthline.

It is aware of at least one similar incident earlier in the year.

The organisation's national spokesperson, Stephen Bell, says Youthline doesn't use phone canvassing and any call of this type will be a scam.

He says scammers who make these calls often use key words such as commission or Youthline to try to convince people they are authentic.

Mr Bell says anyone who has received a phone call from someone claiming to be connected with Youthline should contact his organisation or the police immediately.