1 Oct 2009

Fatal boat collision blamed on speed, cellphone use

4:11 pm on 1 October 2009

Excessive speed and a skipper distracted by a cellphone have been blamed for a fatal boat crash in Queen Charlotte Sound.

Anton Perano and Troy Climo died when New Zealand King Salmon's workboat Shikari crashed into a moored vessel Flightless in Waikawa Bay in June last year.

Four other people were injured.

An investigation by the Transport Accident Investigation Commission has found the Shikari was travelling at 29 knots when it crashed, despite a speed limit of 5 knots.

The commission says seconds before the crash, Mr Perano finished using a cellphone, then spotted the other vessel but was too late to avoid a collision.

The report also found that the skipper's local launch operator's certificate and the Shikari's certification had lapsed.