27 Sep 2009

Shift work problems for parents when both need to work

5:42 am on 27 September 2009

An Ashburton pastor says babies are being handed between parents in freezing work car parks as both parents juggle shift work to make ends meet.

Assemby of God pastor David Hyslop says the arrangements are not uncommon in situations where both parents need to work and have little family support when they arrive in the community.

He has praised a report commissioned by the Ashburton District Council that explores way to help a growing migrant community and give its members more support as they make new lives in New Zealand.

He hopes it will bring about changes to the most pressing issues for new residents, like child-care.

While the Ashburton region has lot of immigrants working on dairy farms and in freezing works, he says the problems are the same for other new residents across New Zealand.