5 Sep 2009

Referendum sought on making future referendums binding

8:48 pm on 5 September 2009

The organiser of the smacking referendum has announced a campaign for another Citizens Initiated Referendum.

Larry Baldock says the question will be around whether such referendums should be binding upon the government when it deals with a law that's unpopular with the population.

He is launching this referendum, he says, because the last one was ignored.

Nearly 90% of people who cast a vote agreed that smacking as part of "good parental correction" should not be a criminal offence, but the Government does not support a law change.

Mr Baldock, a former United Future MP, says he will stop what he's doing if Prime Minister John Key listens to what the public is saying and has a change of heart.

Baldock a 'tiger for punishment'

Green MP Sue Bradford says he's a tiger for punishment but good on him for playing such an active part in democracy.

The website for Elections New Zealand says 10% of enrolled electors must sign a petition calling for a referendum.

The form of the petition must be approved by the Clerk of the House of Representatives and the signatures must be collected within 12 months of the Clerk's approval.