16 Aug 2009

Government considers carbon price cap

6:45 am on 16 August 2009

The Government is pushing for a cap on the price of carbon as part of its changes to the emissions trading scheme.

Radio New Zealand understands the Government wants an initial limit on the price carbon credits can be sold for.

The move would align the scheme with the Australian version, which proposes a cap of $A10 dollars per tonne of carbon dioxide emitted in its first year of operation, rising to $A40 per tonne dollars in the second year.

The Government is also considering a ban on the sale of New Zealand credits overseas.

There is opposition from the forestry industry which is lobbying for any cap to be set at or above the current market price of $20 to $25 dollars per tonne.

The Forest Owners Association says a limit much below this would effectively kill off the domestic emissions market before it begins.