15 Jul 2009

NZ man found dead at UK rubbish depot

8:26 pm on 15 July 2009

A New Zealand man has been found crushed to death at a rubbish depot in Britain, police say.

Scott Williams, 35, was found by rubbish collection workers on the morning of 13 July at the Newhaven recycling depot when they emptied the contents of their truck.

British police say the bin was collected the night before from the Brighton area. A post-mortem has identified that Mr Williams was crushed.

Inspector Andy Kille of Brighton police says Mr Williams had been out for a social evening with a group of friends and had been to two or three pubs in the local area.

Police say Mr Williams had been working in the Brighton area as a teacher and had been in the United Kingdom for about six years.

Mr Williams taught physical education and mathematics at Pakuranga College in Auckland in 1999 and 2000. Former colleagues planned to meet on Wednesday evening to share their memories of him.

In a statement, the college describes Mr Williams as a personable man, who made such a good impression as a student teacher he was taken onto the school's staff.

Teachers at the school say he was an engaging man, who related well to his students, and was a great role model.