19 Jun 2013

Facebook 'Babe' page taken down

6:59 pm on 19 June 2013

A Facebook page with photos of Dunedin schoolgirls has been taken down after pressure from police and the teenagers whose pictures were used without their permission.

'Babe of the Day' has been running for a week, using pictures lifted anonymously from the girls' own pages on the social networking site.

Pictures of four girls aged 16 and 17 from St Hilda's Collegiate and Columba College were posted on the page.

Columba College principal Elizabeth Wilson reported the matter to police, who told her they would try to track down the site's administrators.

The administrators posted a message late on Wednesday afternoon saying that they were deleting the page as all the girls had asked for their photos to be taken down.

The administrators have apologised but say they don't see much wrong with the page, which they believe has been enjoyed by most people except the four girls.