19 Jun 2013

Lundy's lawyers again argue bad science

3:26 pm on 19 June 2013

Lawyers for Mark Lundy have again pointed to what they say was bad science used to establish the time of death of the convicted double murderer's wife and daughter 13 years ago.

On the second day of Lundy's appeal to London's Privy Council against his conviction, lawyer David Hislop, QC, on Tuesday challenged the Crown's evidence of the time of death, based on a discredited method of examining the contents of the victims' stomachs.

The time Christine Lundy, 38, and seven-year-old Amber died was a key point in the Crown's case against Mark Lundy.

Mr Hislop also challenged evidence relating to a computer at the Lundy home which the prosecution had said Mark Lundy had tampered with to give himself a false alibi.

On Monday, Mr Hislop claimed flawed science was used to determine that a spot on Lundy's shirt was DNA of his wife's brain tissue.

Four members of the judicial committee of the Privy Council and New Zealand Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias are hearing the appeal. They are expected to reserve their decision.