23 May 2009

Child buys $20,000 digger online

7:17 am on 23 May 2009

A New Zealand couple nearly found themselves in a financial hole when their daughter bought an earthdigger in an internet auction.

The child, Pipi Quinlan, aged three, was trying out her online skills while her parents were asleep in bed.

They found out only when an email bill for $20,000 was received from the seller.

Pipi's mother, Sarah, had left the computer logged on. The owner of the digger is not insisting on the sale.

Ms Quinlan told the BBC that she had been looking for toys online, and using an automatic log-in to an auction site.

But a shock was in store when she got up the next day: "When I found an email from a guy who said 'can you deposit the money?' I thought - hang on - this isn't quite what I expected," she said.

Pipi had been allowed to use the computer for the first time only the week before.

Ms Quinlan is determined the same thing will not happen again and has urged the parents of other young children not to be caught out.

"I've taken all my automatic log-ins off anything she could purchase from," she said.