23 Apr 2009

Australians take 'NZ' out of Anzac

10:12 pm on 23 April 2009

Some Australians are being accused of ignoring New Zealand's wartime efforts by taking the NZ out of Anzac when reflecting on the events at Gallipoli.

Local historians claim many Australians are unaware New Zealanders were even involved in the fighting at Anzac Cove, where more than 2,700 New Zealand troops died alongside 8,500 Australians.

Martin Crotty, senior lecturer in Australian History at the University of Queensland, says Australians see Anzac Day as their day and some have changed Anzac to 'AAC'.

For Australians, he says, Anzac Day is about national identity and rhetoric about the birth of the Australian nation, so the "New Zealand bit" doesn't really fit.

He says Australians take Anzac Day more seriously than New Zealanders.