13 Apr 2013

Accused told to stay away from Bayliss home

11:45 am on 13 April 2013

The mother of a Christchurch teenager says she told her former partner to stay away from the family home just days before he allegedly killed the girl.

The body of 13-year-old Jade Bayliss was found in the family's burning house, strangled with socks pushed into her mouth in November 2011.

Jeremy McLaughlin is accused of murdering the girl. The 35-year-old denies that charge, but has admitted charges of breaking and entering, and arson.

Mr McLaughlin had been in a relationship with Patricia Tina Bayliss for four to six weeks.

On Friday, texts were read out in the High Court in Christchurch detailing their relationship, including around the time it ended because Ms Bayliss wanted a break.

She said she asked Jeremy McLaughlin not to go to her house in Barrington Street because he was scaring her daughter.

Ms Bayliss told the court that her daughter did not respect the accused and mocked his speech impediment.

She said Jade hoped that her parents would get back together, and that the girl hadn't liked her mother's previous partner either.

Gary Bayliss also gave evidence on Friday afternoon, saying he was close to his daughter and she was virtually an A-grade student.