8 Apr 2013

New info helps police track wanted jeep

8:31 pm on 8 April 2013

Police investigating the killing of a road construction worker in south Waikato say new information on a vehicle is helping them track it in the hours after the incident.

George Taiaroa was shot while operating a stop-go sign near Atiamuri on 19 March.

A blue Jeep Cherokee was seen alongside the 67-year-old when he was shot and it was later seen driving at speed and erratically in the area.

Police say previously the last sighting was on Barryville Road near a Department of Conservation office, but they now believe the vehicle has continued west to south-west from there.

They are keen to hear from people in and around the Benneydale, Taranaki and Taumarunui areas on 19 March and in the following days.

Police say any information - regardless of how innocuous it may seem - could be of value to the investigation.