8 Apr 2013

Parole Board reserves decision on Burdett killer

10:09 pm on 8 April 2013

The Parole Board has reserved its decision on whether to release convicted murderer Teina Pora.

Pora has spent 20 years in jail for the murder and rape of Susan Burdett at her Papatoetoe home in 1992 - a crime he claims he didn't commit.

On Monday afternoon, the 36-year-old made made his 11th appearance before the board, where his lawyer argued that he should be granted parole to serve the rest of his life sentence in the community.

A board spokesperson says its members have reserved their decision, as they want to take longer to consider the ruling.

It could take days or even weeks before a decision is reached.

Pora's lawyer Jonathan Krebs says whatever the decision is, it will have no impact on the miscarriage of justice case he is fighting.

Mr Krebs has been trying to have the conviction overturned, saying Pora was wrongly convicted.

He says no direct evidence ever linked his client to the scene and Pora was convicted largely on the basis of a false confession.

Pora has also applied for a pardon from the Governor-General.