6 Apr 2013

Body recovered from light plane wreck

6:51 pm on 6 April 2013

Navy divers have recovered a body from the wreckage of a light plane that crashed off the Waikato coast near Raglan a week ago.

2degrees chief executive Eric Hertz, 58, and his wife Kathy Hertz, 64, died when their plane plunged into the sea about 20km off the coast from Raglan.

The body was found at about midday on Saturday and brought back to shore.

Navy divers made five dives to the wreckage on Saturday which is at a depth of 56 metres - near the maximum level at which divers can safely operate.

An injured diver was flown by rescue helicopter to hospital, as a precautionary measure, and police say the incident highlights the risks involved in the operation

Police will not confirm whether the body is that of Mr or Mrs Hertz but say forensic identification will be necessary.

Work is continuing to locate the second body before any decision is made on bringing up the wreckage of the plane which is not in one piece.

A 2Degrees spokesperson says the Hertz family is extremely grateful for the work of the recovery authorities, the people of Raglan and local iwi.