2 Apr 2013

Police get more info on vehicle in Taiaroa killing

10:20 pm on 2 April 2013

The police say a farmer has given them key details about the movement of a vehicle believed to be involved in the fatal shooting of a roadworker.

George Taiaroa was shot dead two weeks ago near Atiamuri in south Waikato.

A farmer travelling in a tractor says on the day, a dark-coloured Jeep followed him for some time, despite the fact he was travelling at relatively low speeds and there was room to pass.

The farmer told police that when he drove through the traffic control point at which Mr Taiaroa was killed, the vehicle started to slow down even more.

"The road that he was travelling on was flat," Detective Inspector Tim Anderson says. "It was straight, it was dry and there was plenty of opportunity for someone to pass the tractor unit, as they usually do on these rural roads. So this Jeep's hung back, the tractor driver has continued up to the diversion which was being manned by George."

Mr Anderson believes the vehicle is the same one they are looking for - a blue 4WD, possibly a Jeep Cherokee.

He says the police still have no motive for the killing and have found nothing to suggest Mr Taiaroa was anything but a friendly, hard-working family man.