22 Feb 2013

Lancaster Park in council plan 'by mistake'

8:12 am on 22 February 2013

Christchurch City Council has inadvertently released information indicating it has been discussing the potential sale of Lancaster Park.

The inforamtion was included in the council's draft three year plan published on Thursday.

In the draft a table of revenue projections shows the council expects $15 million dollars from the sale of the land under the former international sports venue.

City councillor Yani Johanssen says this inclusion appears to be non-notified.

But mayor Bob Parker says the information was included by mistake.

"It was just an oversight. I'd asked for it to be removed because it is something around which we still need as a council to discuss further, and we would consult with the public around that."

The plan also points to a 6.6% rates rise over the next three years.

Councillors will formally consider the recommended draft at next week's full council meeting.