17 Mar 2009

Campaign against copyright legislation intensifies

3:12 pm on 17 March 2009

Further pressure is being put on the Government to dump a controversial law change that enforces copyright on the internet.

Section 92A of the Copyright Act which requires Internet Service Providers to disconnect anyone accused of pirating copyright material.

The Government has delayed the implementation of the law until 27 March to give the industry time to agree on a voluntary code of practice. If there has not been agreement by then, the provision will be suspended.

The Creative Freedom Foundation has launched a campaign featuring an online video and DVDs, with politicians, musicians and business owners speaking out against the legislation.

Spokesman Matthew Holloway says the law changes the definition of an ISP to cover practically anyone with a shared connection or website.

He says it is not practical to expect thousands of businesses, schools, libraries, government departments and other organisations to enforce the law.